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Monday, July 22, 2013

Babys' (cats) trip to Lake George and Sherpa Pet Carrier

**carrier received as part of a product review**

Time to go away came and you have babies like mine and lack a cat sitter the options are limited and to me, it's clear! either THEY COME TOO or I stay!!!!!!!!!! 

No choice! The cats will have to be packed :) Sadly, Maya did not have a good while in the car :( 

I do have a kennel for them but for their own safety each cat  must travel in his/her own carrier.
My Sherpa Pet Carrier came and as you can see Milo had no trouble whatsoever to make it his own.   

 photo IMG_1009_zpsc67ea363.jpg

Maya has really no interest in ANY carrier whatsoever

 photo IMG_1012_zpsa58738e2.jpg  photo IMG_1011_zps45380246.jpg

Is nicely cushioned inside.  I took it apart to Milo could inspect throughoutly. 

 photo IMG_1040_zpsd6781e1b.jpg

He doesnt care if the guts (the comfy stuff) are out... he likes to be in! 
 photo IMG_1044_zpsc0c5c42d.jpg

Or out!! he made his point! 
 photo IMG_1045_zpsd2a16816.jpg

As for me, I looooooooved it! easy to carry! It has a padded shoulder strap that doubles as a pull strap.  Mesh panels for ventilation and roll down privacy flaps.  
Also a convenient pocket that I used for treats and Feliway spray (just in case) 

 photo IMG_1082_zps0b93bf9a.jpg  photo IMG_1084_zps47ef1c60.jpg

Milo is ready to go.

 photo IMG_1089_zps3e515d49.jpg

and it's easy in through top and out through side :)

Medium Ultimate

As mentioned, Maya did not have a good time at all! I put her in the hard kennel and she panicked.. It was so bad she scratched her nose against the hard steel kennel doors until her nose bled. 
To calm her down, I switched Milo into the hard kennel and took her out for a bit.  She only stayed calmed while in my arms and even took a nap.

Photo: :-(  she's only calm in Mommy s arms.  My poor baby

Photo: my baby was trying to escape the kennel and got her nose all scratched up.  this is a sad sad road trip but she's feeling better in mommy's arms

Milo wasnt happy that Maya took over "his" carrier and was looking for his way in!

 photo CAM01014_zpsbfe1426e.jpg

Because of inconvenient factors, the cats had to be smuggled in.  
Yeah! great! now am a cat smuggler just my luck!  Lucky indeed.  I cant smuggle a cat in a kennel (everyone knows those things are for pets) The Sherpa carrier's privacy flaps came in very handy.  I threw them both in and they were ready to access resort grounds :) 
The carrier is made for pets up to 16 lbs.  they both seemed ok.. not totally comfy ..  (at least not in the picture) but this was the only flap I had opened and they both wanted to look out!  it's really made for one cat at a time but ok for a walk from the car to the cabin
 photo CAM01001_zps384cedc8.jpg

At the resort, sighs! that's another story for another post but at the end of our stay at resort #1 (there were two), Milo just didnt want to leave. 
 photo IMG_4280_zpsf6c518bf.jpg

On the way back, Maya took the soft carrier and Milo was very well behaved in the other kennel, he did try to open the door but soon he just laid-down and went night night.  I carried Maya for about half way back (2hrs approx.) we both took a nap then I put her in the Sherpa carrier and she did much much better, no attempts to escape and no bloody nose.  My poor baby! 

If you have pets, you need to have a pet carrier and highly recommend Sherpa pet carrier and it's also airline approved.  Read more details HERE and check out their Facebook page as well for the cutest pictures and products.

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  1. so happy you like my babies!! they're the source of joy in the house! :)