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Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Blues: Zoya Liberty

I don't like Mondays but maybe now I will :)  One of the blogs I follow, The Polish Playground, (she's awesome by the way and also participated in my 4k likes giveaway, so you should be following her too ;)
was posting amazing pictures of gorgeous blue polish, frankly, I wasnt too interested in the post as I was mesmerized by the pictures and the gorgeous blue pretties she was featuring.  Blue being my favorite color, I had to ask what it was all about.

And she gave me ALL the insight :)

It's a weekly post called "Monday Blues".  How appropriate!!.  There are several blogs participating.  I had to join too as I am a victim of this Monday mood on a weekly basis.  It even messes up my Sunday just because I know what's coming next.

For my very first day I thought I went with some Pixie with Zoya Liberty :)

Nothing says Blue better than Zoya Liberty especially this week being 4th of July week :)

I came home between jobs and put two coats of this beauty.  Just came home and added some stamping... Wait.. till tomorrow to see! (it'll be on FB)(I think you'll like it :)

 photo CAM00923_wm_zps3faae1ef.jpg photo CAM00925_wm_zpsccbd8196.jpg

Big thanks to Lisa of The Polish Playground for the 411!! :)

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  1. What a pretty blue!! :) Its great. Awesome to see you join in this weekly post. I wasn't able to get any blue polish up today but hopefully I'll get one up next week :)

  2. Welcome to the Monday blues! So happy you've joined us!

    Ariel @ Lacquer: The Best Medicine!

  3. Welcome to our little Monday Blues crowd! I'm so glad we have so many people joining now.
    Your nails are gorgeous and this polish is too. Hope you didn't get any staining from it cause I know it has this issue.

    1. hi!!!!! thank you!!!!!!!!!
      I did get the staining problem... my fingers and cuticles had "Monday Blues" for a few days :'(

  4. really nice color, like it a lot ♥

    1. it really is gorgeous! but as discussed above left me with blue cuticles for a couple of days :(