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Thursday, July 25, 2013

You are just going to "Adore" Nail Polish

As part of a product review, I received two pretties from Adore Nail Polish  In Love with My Honey and Vintage Lace.  These are perfect for bridal manis or just classy occasions.

Adore Nail Polish came about from the love and joy of weddings, whether attending, being a part of it or having a wedding yourself.  This polish was created "to be as special as a bride should feel during this whole event."  The name was because every bride loves to Adore, should feel Adored and is Adoring.  So "Adore" simply fits.

We, as lacquer lovers, know the importance of a good color selection but it's even more important when it comes to that special day or event.  so without further ado, here they are.

In Love with my Honey (1 coat) is a satin peach-rosy and Vintage Lace (2 coats) is a satin white.

Both colors have great coverage, applying these reminded me of when I "dress" my bed with silk sheets, so soft, so smooth and so sensual.  But just as silk is unforgiving on any bumps or folds.  This polish is unforgiving of ridges or anything on your nails.  I should've giving my nails a quick buff to get rid of any bumps or ridges.  The "texture" on Vintage Lace was achieved by my cotton bed sheets last night (if you know what I mean) :-p from going to sleep with dentable polish.

I love the bottles and their logo really had a personality change with these.  I am sexy! :)

 photo CAM01070_wm_zpsf6c74689.jpg  photo CAM01069_wm_zps141439e8.jpg  photo CAM01068_wm_zpsb4d6e1d9.jpg  photo CAM01157_wm_zps93e0fd75.jpg  photo CAM01156_wm_zpse2178610.jpg  photo CAM01155_wm_zps3666af79.jpg

Adore Nail Polish is BIG 5-free, salon strength formula and chip resitant.
These bottles retail for $8.00 and  can be found on their site http://www.adorenailpolish.com
and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AdoreNailPolish

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