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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Finally tamed my curls

As part of a product review I received an Olivia Garden paddle brush.
Paddle Brush? What Brush to use when??

Olivia Garden was founded in Belgium in 1968 and has a long history of innovative and high quality products for hairdressers' professional needs and of course the consumer for pro results.  They are a leader in the salon industry and its products are sold in over 70 countries around the world.

As you already know, I have very abundant, long, curly, sometimes unmanageable hair and brushes can be my best or worst friends.  You simply cant brush curly hair (after is dried) unless you want to end up with a soft sponge or just a sponge.  So what brush is for what?  I am still figuring this out and trying different brushes.  Today, I am presenting a paddle brush.

"It's Nano-Silver Technology provides anti-bacterial protection, hair is healthier & easier to style.  Ionic soft cushion for total scalp comfort for detangling, styling, brushing and updos, retractable sectioning pick."

Paddle brushes are best for longer hair.  Gently sweep down hair.  Because brush is flat, it works wonders for creating smooth, sleek and shiny styles.  For curly hair, is the perfect detangler after getting out of the shower, smooth the fly-aways and remove loose hairs it even helps increase circulation to the scalp.

Once my curls are "flattened" while wet a nice bouncy curl will result once dried using your favorite styling product.  

I use Miss Jessie's Jelly Soft Curls that I also received for review and now can't live without it.  Specifically designed to leave curls soft and not crunchy, shiny and bouncy.  In other words manageable.
Jelly Soft Curls

With the help of the brush partnered with this amazing styler, curls were made into tamed spirals ALL DAY LONG and into the next day! 
I straightened my bangs for a different look but I see no fuzzys nor frizzies :)  It says use a quarter size amount but I did need about two quarters size.

This picture was taken about 7 hours after styling showing off my friend's new baby whom I now love with all my heart.  Curls are still in place they way I wanted them :)  If you're looking for volume, simply crunch up your hair when applying the styler and it will dry with volume.  I applied flat.

I wish I had actually purchased this styler so you dont think am posting a good review because it was given to me.  I really like it!! ohhhh and it also smells divine!!!

My new Olivia Garden paddle brush and Miss Jessies are my hair's best friends.  

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