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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bumble Bee Pet Costume

If you thought my cats were spoiled brats and had it better than many dogs... you're right... although they may differ in opinion because I dress them up and they are as miserable as some dogs when they get dressed up but look just as ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's not the first time though... in fact they have won cat of the day from I Love My Cat for their stilo (style), 

Now check them out in their bumble bee pet costume from Wholesale Halloween Costumes. 

 photo BumbleBee_zpsb097044c.jpg  photo BumbleBee5_zps2df5fe01.jpg

At first they werent too excited

 photo BumbleBee8_zps40f97070.jpg  photo BumbleBee4_zps93ed23f7.jpg

I think the whole antenna thing was not a plesant idea for my kitty cats, so as soon the antennas came off, the started having a little bit of fun.
 photo BumbleBee2_zpsa864909e.jpg photo BumbleBee3_zpsf34ce4a3.jpg

Ok! Milo as always has a LOT of fun!!
 photo BumbleBee6_zpsb62bb500.jpg

Milo! Jump over Maya! (she did not appreciate that request - you can tell by her ears)  JK! Milo jumped to try and maybe finally catch that annoying red dot that always manages to escape.  Only if those wings could be flapped.. he was ready to fly!!!!!

 photo BumbleBee7_zpsdf1e12a7.jpg 

The costume is made from 100% polyester, comes in different sizes, perfect for small dogs or yeah! even cats!!! 
Hooded "onesie" with wings.  Antennas on the hoodie with holes for their ears.

They seemed very comfortable (as comfortable as a dressed up cat can be) and when Milo got caught under my aunt's mattress when we went to visit on Christmas eve (he went into hiding because it was his first time there) it was not a hazard.  It came right off.

Be sure to check out all Pets Costumes and pamper your furry children.  


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