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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday: Dots

I cheated today!!!!!! waaaah! am sooooorry!!!!!!!

I came home today to find a box from Rainbow Honey and I just couldnt resist!!!!!! I didnt did it on purpose.  All i could think about was "dots" "dots", today's theme and completely forgot about the MAIN POINT OF THE CHALLENGE: OLDIES!!!!!!

When I realized it, I had already watermarked and uploaded these few pictures :( 

Please forgive me... I did do dots ^_^ 
and on my defense this is from RH's last year collection ;) 
Sweet Talk
dots with Cheeky jumbo plate A
and China Glaze Tart-y for the Party with Pink-ie Promise as well as Masglo French for the base stamped nails (now those fit the "oldies" category!) 

 photo IMG_0166_zpse77f10dc.jpg  photo IMG_0168_zps50ff8a27.jpg

My nub thumb finally growing :) 

 photo IMG_0169_zps7c6ee71f.jpg 

Sorry! Please forgive me! 
it's also late and I really like my mani I hope I dont have to re-do it because this one is a keeper (for a few days at least) :) 

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