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Friday, January 10, 2014

The Bellisimo Signature Collection Set

**press sample**
 photo bellisimoclutchcollection_zps2049cce5.jpg

Another collection I think I had waaaaay too much fun swatching and reviewing received from Bellisimo.  

Bellisimo is a custom made line of classic colored nail lacquers.  "Feeling beautiful and valued is important to all women, by choosing Bellisimo, you will be helping someone else today and feel beautiful on the inside and the outside ."

"Bellisimo is the world's first benevolent beauty company founded by a single Mom.  She knows first-hand, the difficulties of providing a secondary education for her daughter, who today, is an elementary school teacher.  She vowed one day to help other single Moms and the children".  

This gorgeous package arrived in this beautiful and elegant box.

 photo BellisimoClutch16_zpseb64255a.jpg

I opened it and found this gorgeous shiny clutch.
 photo BellisimoClutch_zpsa509af66.jpg

Filled with massive elegance and pretties. 

 photo IMG_3699_zpse0984565.jpg

and then these pretties hatched... six beautiful colors with a base and top coat and Bellisimo elegant glass nail file.

 photo BellisimoClutch2_zps4858dddb.jpg

First up is this neutral frosty Brisbane Beaches 

 photo BellisimoClutch3_zpse3dd34e0.jpg  photo BellisimoClutch4_zpsfcef3058.jpg

Jerusalem Stone... I drooled over for a french manicure.. I thought it would be a nice pale yellow but you can see how sheer it is even after 3 coats.  

 photo BellisimoClutch5_zps00ac5836.jpg

Parisian Princess is the prettiest girly pink and the name suits it soooo well.... 

 photo BellisimoClutch7_zps18391a48.jpg  photo BellisimoClutch8_zps9601ea03.jpg

Portofino Pink.  Being a friend of pink nails I love this color  and the diamond-powder like shine.

 photo BellisimoClutch9_zps9b3ed652.jpg  photo BellisimoClutch10_zpsf344d7be.jpg

Calgary Flame is a bright classic red, luxury edition ;) 

 photo BellisimoClutch11_zpsdf0fb678.jpg  photo BellisimoClutch12_zps4475d1ad.jpg

and lastly, Naples Night Out.  A red wine color... 

 photo IMG_4215_zps21c5c4db.jpg

Glamorous Finishing top coat adds that extra coat of shine and protects your base color.  Is not the fastest drying but definitely a go-to for glamorous manicures.

 photo BellisimoClutch14_zps3b0d3d77.jpg

Inspiring collection.
I loved the red wine contrasting with 24K Gold topper.

 photo BellisimoClutch15_zpsc29102fd.jpg  photo BellisimoClutch6_zps25e8e52e.jpg

This is a well traveled classic collection for a good cause.  The clutch can be used for any fancy occasion.. ehh forget the occasion.. use it any day with any fancy shoes.

Bellisimo is proudly made in the US
Learn more on their site and be sure to follow their social media platforms 


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  1. Those are some great colors! Never heard of this brand too!

  2. OMG! what a cute clutch♥ among them , i love the wine shade. so pretty ☻