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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Barielle Heavenly Blues Set: Swatches and bad news

**press sample**
 photo IMG_0155_zps43e47ae0.jpg

Did you see my post earlier??? My blue mani??? I absolutely loooooove blue and being in this spirit of blue things, I bring to you the Barielle Heavenly Blues set made up of 5 gorgeous blue hues with added shine, frost and sparkle.

Barielle has definitely won a spot on my top-3-can't-choose-a-favorite list.

Here they are...

Swizzle Stix-a soft cream baby blue  
 photo IMG_0110_zps10c0fb42.jpg  photo IMG_0111_zpseb0a66db.jpg

Falling Star: has a little bit of a "burple" to it with shimmer from a copper fallen star glitter dust :)

 photo IMG_0114_zps369455cd.jpg  photo IMG_0118_zps4b2ce8bb.jpg

Surf's Up: A gorgeous ocean blue with a huge depth in problem

 photo IMG_0121_zps2aa49500.jpg  photo IMG_0125_zpsd3f4d767.jpg

It stains!!!! :'(
I hadn't had any history of staining with any of Barielle's shades until now.  This won't stop me from using Barielle but this is one shade I do not want on my rack.

 photo IMG_0131_zpsfdf6fa49.jpg

Sky's The Limit:  I thought this would be my favorite...  I love the glazed/frost/shimmer of this color.  Absolutely a must-have go with everything and season perfect,.

This color takes my blues away :)

 photo IMG_0142_zps1834bd27.jpg

And lastly, Blackened Bleu: Instant galaxy nails, it's a blackened blue shade (yeap! just like its name)  took the #1 spot in my fave from this set.

It's a black jelly base with blue micro glitter.

Take 1

 photo IMG_0147_zps92ddd6ce.jpg
Take 2
 photo IMG_0149_zpsf7e9c7a8.jpg
Take 3
 photo IMG_0150_zpse82fb366.jpg

All seen above in two coats except for Blackened Bleu.  Since it's a jelly I went with 3 coats.  Fast drying and durable color.

Barielle is 5-free and cruelty free  <3 they also have a complete line of hand and foot care.
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 photo barielle_zpsf07e278a.jpg


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  1. Lovely colors plus blue is my favorite color too! Too bad that one color stains :(