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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Zoya Naturel 2014 Collection: Swatches and Review

*** Press Sample***
 photo zoyanaturel1_zpsdab076b6.jpg

Did you know that waaaaaaaaaay back when, even before I knew of Facebook's existence, let alone Blogger I have had to always always ALWAYS keep my nails painted, and to this day, because I am nail biter!!!! yes! I am .. as gross as it is, My name is Yoha and I am a nail biter.  

The solution was to keep them painted so just in case, as it was always the case, my teeth reached my nails, and viceversa, I would entertain my mind with some nail polish as opposed to the nail itself.  Therefore, every night I had to apply a fresh coat of nail polish but I was very young for any nail color or nail art and was only allowed to use neutral, Naturel colors and french manicures on special occasions.  

The Zoya Naturel 2014 Collection has taken me back to my first nail polish true love.  
These are warm, soft nude tones for anyone, accentuates every gorgeous skin tone there is.  It just goes perfect with everything and is nail art friendly.  

With pride and joy, I present to you the Naturel ladies. 

 photo ZoyaNaturel16_zpscfdaad56.jpg  photo ZoyaNaturel17_zpsed83e4ea.jpg

French Vanilla Cream

 photo ZoyaNaturel4_zpsb5969bc8.jpg  photo ZoyaNaturel5_zps3ad88d11.jpg

Light Toffee Cream

 photo ZoyaNaturel6_zpsd5c0690f.jpg  photo ZoyaNaturel7_zps86e23290.jpg

Boudoir Blush Cream

 photo ZoyaNaturel8_zps2caefee8.jpg  photo ZoyaNaturel9_zps7bf7079b.jpg

Bombshell Mauve Cream

 photo ZoyaNaturel10_zps38230f32.jpg  photo ZoyaNaturel11_zps7757a7f7.jpg

Sultry Maroon Cream

 photo ZoyaNaturel12_zpsc4bdf688.jpg  photo ZoyaNaturel13_zpsd5cd1084.jpg

Sable Mauve Cream

 photo ZoyaNaturel14_zpsc06139d7.jpg  photo ZoyaNaturel15_zps27ae6d7b.jpg

With the harsh winter days we've had had in the northeast, I created this one using the lightest and darkest shades. 

 photo ZoyaNaturel3_zpsa422e28a.jpg  photo ZoyaNaturel2_zpsadd05815.jpg

Or a skittle mani to show them off at one. 

 photo ZoyaNaturel18_zps668c8da8.jpg

I wanted to do a matte ombre but didnt turn out too well. 
 photo ZoyaNaturel_zpsacf8796b.jpg

I have gotten very brave and even though it's an everyday struggle, I don't need to actually do my nails every single night .. but I enjoy it a lot and find myself changing my polish quite often... especially when using amazing brands like Zoya and even more amazing is having readers like you!!!


The Naturel Collection is available for purchase and retails for $54.00 and bottles can be purchased individually for only $9.00.  Zoya has earned its good name for its big 5-free and healthy formula

For more details and more colors visit zoya.com
and like Zoya on Facebook for more pictures, swatches and nail art by other fans and bloggers.

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