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Monday, January 13, 2014

Tri Polish Tuesdays

I really wanted to clean my room today, well... it's clean but really messy... tomorrow is going to be a lonooooong day,... I may or may not have the chance to jump on the computer so am posting this tonight.  I took on another challenge, The Tri-Polish Tuesdays!!! from Crumpet's Nail Tarts

 photo TriPolishHeader_zps7a2bb812.jpg

The challenge consists in three colours chosen for each month and we have to post up to four manis using those three colours and we're also allowed black, white, silver, gold and glitter toppers (YAAAAY!!!)

The good thing is that we dont have to stick to the same three polishes as long as we stick with the three colors plus the allowed extras.

So I had soooo many ideas flowing through my mind.  The challenge started last week but I missed it.. and the colors screaaamed!!! for a sunset... but am sure someone already tried that ... so I wanted to do some stamping and that didnt work out too well... I figured I was just going to do some boring striping (one "p") when to grab my striping brush and grabbed a fan brush instead,.... and LIGHT BULB!!!

a fan brush mani!!! using Barielle's Lemon Drops, Dinner at 8, and Berry Go Round
I hope you can see the red.. I promise it's there!!! :) 

 photo IMG_4299_zps022216d1.jpg  photo IMG_4301_zpsca003988.jpg  photo IMG_4310_zpsd3db8229.jpg

I was sooooo happy with this mani that I couldnt simply stop there... so I stamped over it using Pueen 49 (after taking a ton of pictures in case it ruined itself (because manis get ruined by themselves)

 photo IMG_4314_zps97191902.jpg  photo IMG_4315_zps41d72be6.jpg  photo IMG_4316_zpsac467084.jpg

   photo barielletri_zps14b813d3.jpg

Be sure to check out everyone's manis and let them know you like it ;) 
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