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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday: Stripes

Today's challenge is stripes and the first thing I think about is striping tape.  (ByTheWay: there's a striping tape giveaway on my Facebook page #wink #wink)

I did this mani continuing on last mani on this challenge (you can see it HERE)
adding a coat of Zoya Anaka, my very first Zoya I think I got it for only a few cents from Copious over a year ago... still one of my favorites... I havent used Copious in a while but you can check it out HERE
Zoya for SEVEN cents!! not bad! 

 photo stripesmani_zps975ed370.jpg

but that seemed too easy ... yellow and black stripes is something I always wanted to try and made me think of bumble bees so I added a little trail of where buzzing friends would have been.  However the cutest buzzing friends I've ever seen happen to live in my household.  If curious, you are more than welcome to see them HERE

The polish is Yellow Submarine by Sqaurehue and an old black (so old, no longer has a label).
This Hue may not be a whole year old but it's deff an "oldie"

 photo stripesmani3_zps55f586c2.jpg  photo stripesmani2_zps1d697901.jpg 

Be sure to check out all the manis from the ladies who are participating... they are super talented  :) 

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