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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shower Pill: Fresh and Clean

Here's another review by my hunky hunny bunny =)
I was given the opportunity to try the Athletic Wipe Shower Pill and today I can tell you it has taken its place in my gym bag. To be honest at the beginning I was a little skeptical on using it instead of showering after my morning workout, but one day I was running really late after I finished my routine and I hadn’t enough time to shower, so I gave it the try, and to my surprise I felt really fresh after using it and the most important, I felt clean and I smelled good. Totally a life saver that day. But I have also used it on different situations off course, like in those days when I have had an intense day at work and I have and after work date with my girlfriend and not time to go back home to take a shower and feel fresh and be ready for my date.Or also in those humid summer days when I am away from home and I would really love to take a shower and feel better, well the athletic body wipe is a big savior in those days.

It is also is a durable thick wipe that you can use several times during your routine or your day, contains aloe Vera and vitamin E, dries quickly and leaves no residue, and kills 99.9% of the germs. Basically it is a great personal hygiene tool and a great solution to people with a busy life and schedule.
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