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Monday, August 13, 2012

PRO BAR: The Whole Food

Everything they make is 100% vegan, certified organic, certified non-GMO and raw "Simply Real".
Perhaps the best fit would be our new fruition bars (http://theprobar.com/products/fruition/), which also happen to be PROBAR's first certified gluten-free product (although more to come…)

I received a box of assorted flavors of PROBAR as part of a product review and really enjoyed and at times (hungry times) was very thankful I had them.  PROBAR is an on-the-go snack without the extra calories of other snacks, it's chewy and has a rich fruit flavor.  It smelled like a multi-vitamin supplement but it tasted very yummy.  If you have followed my blog for a while as well as my Facebook page, you know am always hungry therefore, am always snacking and these made the cut. 

Early in July, Prevention Magazine chose fruition as "Best Bar" in their 2012 Healthy Food Awards. To determine the winners, Prevention editors went through over 500 submissions, narrowing them down to the final list with strict criteria, which included:
- No more than 400 calories per (realistic) serving
- Less than 500 mg of sodium per serving
- No more than 10 g of added sugar
- Significant amounts of fiber, protein, and essential vitamins
- Free of genetically modified ingredients
- And, for the first time this year, Prevention.com added non-GMO to the list.

Congrats PROBAR.  To get your own click HERE or enter below to win.

For more info go on their website and like their Facebook page. 

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  1. I get a little cranky when I'm hungry ;)

  2. O'm a moody person when I'm hungry!I buy many different meal replacement bars and protein bars so I will have to try these. Are they available in stores?

  3. I get super cranky and tired when I'm hungry. If I let it go too long I even get nauseated. I'm such a different person when I'm hungry.

  4. Sounds like something I would love to try thanks I actually pass out from low blood sugar if i go too long without eating I just rarely get hungry

  5. I might get a little agitated when I hit the I am starved mode.

  6. I am definitely a different person, more tired, when I am hungry.

    Ashley Atkinson