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Thursday, August 9, 2012

GET FIT: 20 Second Fitness: Week One

Ok! so the summer is almost gone and the outdoor activities will be limited, I guess some people head back to the gyms, but what about those of us who HATE the gym or getting out of the house in the cold, or getting sweaty away from home when you're not having fun!   (that would be me!).

I have received 20 Second Fitness as part of a product review and will try out and tell you about it for the next several weeks.

There are so many reasons why you should work out besides getting fit and pretty :p  but also health reasons.  As an office worker am sitting down for more than 10 hours a day then I go home and still sit down, whether it is to do some work from home, watch tv (rarely, but it happens) or do my nails-ALL sitting down.

I really need to get my a##  up and moving.  Am not 18 anymore and things are starting to sag.  Even my legs HURT just from sitting down.  So for my health I need to stay active.

20 Second Fitness is a great workout method and comes with everything you need to do the exercises. It is composed of 6 DVD's, jump rope and several elastic bands with different resistance and a food guide (my favorite) so that you don't have to figure anything out, everything is spelled out for you.  It even has a progress calendar to track your changes and measurements.  Let's say you lose a few inches off your waist.  Don't you wanna be able to see it??!!

The videos are very energetic and motivational.  The people in it are pretty real, the regular Jack and Jill who are also working out and struggling with you, the four people featured are at different fitness levels just like you and I, the speaker is clear and also motivates you to burn those calories and keep moving.

The first week is a warm up week, on disc labeled W (for warm-up) the first day I was like "ummm that's it?" oh well! I can do this, it took 4 minutes, of aerobic exercise at 20 seconds intervals... it was flash cardio...I did it in the afternoon in between jobs and woke me right up and I broke a sweat but it was so fast I didnt feel like I worked out and even wanted to do the second day right there and then I was pumped! ...  the second day, I looked forward to it but got so busy that I almost forgot, the good thing is that it takes so little time that it's very easy to fit into any schedule.

By the third day, new exercises were introduced and the total work out time went up from 4 minutes to five minutes,  I started getting really into it on the fourth day, enjoyed it a lot more, and felt my muscles sore and burning .. if it burns, it's working.   It's all about giving EVERYTHING you've got at 20 seconds intervals.

So this is me and what we have to work with... am very self conscious about my appearance but am eager to change it.


I will report again next week.

BTW:  If you're interested in taking this challenge with me (how cool would that be??) go to 20secondfitness.com and use code "Beauty Shoes Nails Fun" for free shipping and start working on the new you.
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  1. Good luck!!!!!!! I wonder how you do?? What is the actual time of each work out?? :)))

    1. thank you!! me too lol ... it's been 4 minutes total.

  2. Can't wait to watch your transformation. Girl though, you look great!

    1. thanks... I also want to see some change... =)

  3. If it works for you I'm gonna try it!! good luck!