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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Get shoes everymonth: JustFab.com

My infamous Cover Photo <3  


Justfab is another monthly membership program ran specifically for shoelovers just like US!! =)  I have had it for a few months now.

The way it works is that you sign up at JustFab.com take a short survey so that they get a feel for your personality and they type of shoes you are likely to fall in love with and every single month you will have a selection of shoes at your very own boutique.  Your Boutique is like your very own store front.  If you like what you see you can buy it, if not, no problem.  You can also add your Facebook friends and see what they have in their boutiques, it may be different than yours and you know very well that at times, that's how you pick your favorite shoes.

JustFab will charge your credit card every month the sum of $39.95 which gives you credit for one pair of shoes.  Throughout the year, they have sales where you can buy TWO pairs of shoes for $39.95.  (I joined during their birthday sale last year and bought 4 pairs).

BUT WAIT.  Before joining, there were a lot of reviews that said that the company was a scam but they all said it was a scam for the same reason.  Because "it steals your money"  this is NOT CORRECT!!!!

It's ALL OVER their website and with your first order, you get a letter stating how they charge your credit card.  The way it works is every month they will charge it UNLESS you tell them NOT TO!  Is that easy.  Between the 1st and the 5th of the month (I have a reminder on my phone), you simply log into your account and click SKIP THE MONTH and you will NOT be charged.  I have not been charged once unless, of course, I am making a purchase.  So in essence there is no obligation to buy, and if you forget to skip the month, then you will have a credit for a pair of shoes.

They also carry a wide selection of jeans and accessories like jewelry and of course purses to go with your new shoes at different prices.


Read the reviews about the individual pair of shoes.  Some run very big.  Below are some of my shoes from Justfab.  When I bought them, I had to return all three of them because they were waaaaaaaay to big, the leopards were a whole size bigger but Justfab has a Just Fabulous customer service team who shipped my new shoes even before I returned the ones I had (I pleaded for this to happen).  Shipping is always FREE unless expedited although I had never order an expedited delivery am not sure what the fee is for this service.

At first I doubted the quality.  The shoes are gorgeous.  I drool every time I visit the site.  They dont feel very high quality.  They are very light weight and are comfortable (as comfortable as high heels can be) ans super stylish.  But again, I've had them for a while and have used them several times and have not had ANY problems whatsoever to this date.  So it's important to note that they aren't cheap shoes they are inexpensive.  ;)

And the best part about it... I havent seen ANYONE rocking shoes like mine =)  (I dislike it when am wearing the same shoes as someone else).

So there you have it.  You can try it for yourself and if you dont like it call them and cancel.  No commitment, no questions asked.  

Which reminds me, low shoe budget this month... I have to go Skip the Month.  

Visit their website at JustFab.com
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