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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Accessorize with Calypso Studios

Calypso has seen great growth and success with many of its products, that can be found in more than 2,500 locations across the country. The company's designs appeal to different people of all ages. Calypso products can be found in gift shops, hospitals, bookstores, school/college stores, amusement parks, and of course online at http://www.calypsostudiosinc.com

I received the following products as part of a product review:

Look at this gorgeous carnival ring.  It's a stretchy ring with a beautiful assortment of purples.  Super cute and affordable.  Retails for $7.50

This is a wrap bracelet with colorful beads.  Very delicate and can definitely be  dressed up or dressed down.

and lastly, this hit product Blue Glitz Bendi-Band.  What's so special about it? why is it a hit? This band bends to whatever you'd like.  I used the doll my mommy made me as a model :-9

The band stays on, did not slip and you can wear it up or down or tie a bow, it has a soft wire inside that allows you to shape in whatever way you want for multiple uses and styles.  You can even wear it as a bracelet and I absolutely love the color.  Retails for $7.99

To learn more and check out more of their products visit Calypso Studios' website and be sure to like them on Facebook so you dont miss any trends and the newest products. 


  1. I LOVE CALYPSO! I have some of their beautiful bendi hairbands and they are lovely! Very cute and girly! :D

    1. I completely agree... whether I have my curls out or straighten my hair it really makes the look! <3