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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Love my hair

I received a smoobee brush as part of a product review and I absolutely love this brush.  A few weeks ago, on the news, they interviewed a hair expert that said that hair grows more in the summer, and NO T to brush it when is wet, among other things.  
This hair expert whose name I dont recall was obviously NOT talking to us curly hair gals.  We CANNOT wait for hair to dry to brush, we would be a walking sponge.  

My curls are out of control and the only way to tame them is to brush when is still wet and not a minute later.  Preferably in the shower, but am too lazy and water-conservation conscious to do that, so i get out of the shower, pat dry with towel and brush! and boy this brush has made a HUGE difference.  It is mostly marketed to children, but I am keeping it! 
For starters, is very cute, comes in 3 different colors, purple, pink and turquoise, detangles my hair in no time and doesnt pull it out with every stroke and leaves hair nice and smooth and perfect volume. 

I thought I'd give it to my little cousin for her to review it, but no way!  A good, detangle, no tear brush is just what I needed.  She can most definitely use it when she comes over but the brush is staying here!  and it can also be bedazzled with an included gem sticker sheet. 

Smoobee bedazzled by a 4 year old

I highly recommend it! 
Smoobee brushes retail for $17.99 and it's worth every penny CLICK HERE TO BUY or enter below to win.
For more info go to their website at www.smoobee.com and 
Like them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/smoobee

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  1. Who couldn't use a good brush. I love a good brush

    1. My tip would be what I do is run my fingers through my hair after the shower so when it's dry no tangles

    2. Thanks again for the brush I received quickly have used it and love it thank you

  2. I have curly hair, it breaks when I brush it. willisflanagan@yahoo.com

  3. I always feel like I am tearing out my hair when I brush but if I don't my hair will be a huge tangled mess. I would love to try this brush out. Thanks for having a giveaway!

  4. My daughter cries every day. I go as gentle as possicle but her head is really sensitive :/

  5. When your hair gets to dry you can soak it in crisco and then it will become easier to brush for a few weeks

  6. This is such a cite product that they include the stickers vut it sound like it works for you, a new market for them!!!

  7. mine suffer too!!thanks for giveaway!!!

  8. I only use a combo to brush it since brushes always make my hair way too frizzy and way too poofy ; ; I can't stand it.
    Thank you for the amazing giveaway