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Monday, August 13, 2012

20 Second Fitness : Week 2

This is the second warm up week.  Last week, everything was so fast that I was like "that's it??"  this week helped a lot to help stay in track and maintain a routine.  4-6 minutes a day.  Who can't spare that amount of time.  Exercises are very easy to do in 20 second intervals rest for ten.  A new session of jumping jacks was added.  It has gotten my heart rate up and am getting used to the routine.

I traded the resistance bands for dumbbells (why are they called dumb-bells anyway??).  As I tend to be bare foot when working out.  I love doing this at home.  I am starting to notice a slight change on that belly though.  So IT'S WORKING!!!!!!!  =) looking forward to next week.

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