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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Emi-Jay Hair Ties

Summer 2010 Collection

Normally, picking your hair ties is dictated by what? color? outfit? elasticity? well, if you had my hair, you'd personally pick every single one of your hair ties.  Luckily I found Emi-Jay  and they did the picking for me =)  I had the opportunity to review the Summer 2012 collection.  These multi-use hair ties are great and am sure you'll love them too!

I dont know what's more amazing though, the product or its story.  Two 15 year old, Emily and Julianne, just knew they were meant to create hair accessories, knowing that headbands and clips are in style they took elastic, rhinestones & gems and threw them into a pile where pieces of art came together and became part of the fashio hair flair and can also be worn as a bracelet.  A portion of the proceeds are donated to charity.  So know when buying an Emi-Jay item, you are also helping someone in need.

They are super cute to begin with. 

Can match any summer, fall, winter spring or summer outfit. 

Can be used as bracelet which is very fashionable these days.  Emi-Jay Hair Ties are very elastic.  You can twist 2 or three times (2 was good for me for a braid and 3 for pony tails) it stretched only minimally but returned to its nice rectangular shape. 

Here are some additional looks with different styles.  My favorite is without a doubt the jewel.  Stylish, elegant and functional.

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