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Monday, May 13, 2013

Aromafloria Wellness in Bloom: Pomegranate review

As part of a product review, I received these products from Aromafloria.

"Aromafloria began in 1985, founded on the rich heritage of aromatherapy as a means of achieving wellness. Ancient cultures placed great emphasis on the healing properties of aromatic oils. As one of the modern pioneers of holistic aromatherapy, we continue to embrace and evolve this ancient art. This "complementary and alternative" therapy has been a way of life for Aromafloria, not just a lifestyle trend."

Pomegranate has symbolized renewal, romance and youth in many cultures. Known for its detox properties as well as its anti aging benefits.

You may already know, I love scents and yummy things, I love feeling, clean and smell good, the better I feel the better I think I look ;) 

Aromafloria simply sharpens my senses with wellness in mind.  Before you leave this post you MUST click HERE to learn about aromatherapy 101 to gain a little more insight into this beautiful practice and learn "tricks" so easy to implement.
 photo IMG_0315_zpsb5ce2055.jpg

I have used it for a few weeks now and absolutely recommended it.  especially the Salt Glow Scrub, at first the word "glow" in its name didnt make much sense but after several uses I discovered how appropriate the name is.

My skin is radiant almost like a glow to it and the best thing is that am not the only one to notice it.  :)

Aromafloria uses green technology and organic products as well as eco-friendly practices such as being 100% powered by wind.  yaay!
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