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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Giveaway, WOW!! Thermal Brush and Perfect curls with minimum effort

 photo IMG_0331_zps69648618.jpg  photo iron2_zps30e7fc8d.jpg

As part of a product review, I received the NEW Infiniti Pro by Conair Auto-Rotating Curling Iron
turned my wild curls into nice big classy spirals.  

  Infiniti Pro by Conair Auto-Rotating Curling Iron and Conair Carbon Smooth Extra-Large Thermal Brush.
The thermal brush is a fast drying antistatic brush that adds shine and smoothes flyaways.  
and WOW!!! hold! I hate it when I have to struggle with the brush to hold my hair while I blow out.  I hate the hair dryer anyway unless I am using a diffuser but when I have to I have to. 

 photo IMG_0322_zpsd0d96850.jpg  photo IMG_0321_zps0bf2ce2b.jpg

My mom blows out her hair ALL the time since I can remember so she's best at trying this out, she grabbed it, and was amazed at how her hair just wanted to "hug" the brush (if that makes sense)
Look at the amazing effect WITHOUT using a hair dryer.
and yes, that's where I get my curls from.

 photo Conairmom2_zps7838d773.jpg  
 photo Conairmom_zpse9c801e0.jpg
 photo Conairmom3_zpsd99c799c.jpg

Her bangs were as smooth as if she had used a hair dryer.
Me  on the other hand, I did use a hair dryer and was very happy with the results and didnt poke the heck out of my head because of the covered bristles.  I needed a light blowout before trying out the curling iron.
The thermal brush retails for $9.99
Inexpensive AND delivers results!!

 photo Conair2_zps5602369a.jpg
 photo Conair3_zps956f35e4.jpg
Very easy to use.  The curling iron has three buttons (and the on and off and high and low)
it has a left, right and center button.

It rotates on its own just press the button depending in what direction you want it to rotate and just wraps your hair around it.  Then press the center button for the barrel to return to the middle before you grab the next strand.

At the end, my curls were nice and tight.  It was very early in the morning so I didnt want them to get "loose" too quick afraid I would lose them.

 photo Conair4_zpsa400f91a.jpg  photo Conair_zps812099de.jpg

Curls slowly came down and loosened up just enough.. I decided not to run my fingers through to just let them be.  Then I went to get ready! I had a wedding that day and sported my Bondi New York mani

Curling iron's average retail price is $94.99
Last week, I saw it at Walmart for $74.99 :)

Conair wants you to try the brush for yourself enter below... Open US Only

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  1. I cut my bangs too short, lets just say I didnt go out alot then, lol.

    1. ughhh haha! I can relate and with my curly hair when that happens to me is a total fail! lol

  2. In college I was really into dying my hair crazy colors. I tried aquamarine once and ended up looking like a character from Sesame Street! It was BAD!

    1. hahaha! that's funny (in retrospect) I bet it was kind of cool too!

  3. My hair is down to the middle of my butt and I was in a hurry one day so I decided to wash my hair in the sink. Needless to say it went down the drain while it was still attached to my head.... lol I had one heck of a time getting it out of there!!

    1. ohh my gosh!!!!! hahaha! I bet you lost a lot of hair too! poor you

    2. BTW: I cant wait till my hair gets that long! :)

  4. it had to be trimmed after that lol OUCH!

  5. i used to always cut my own hair because i was a poor college student. i liked to keep it long, so it got difficult to cut my hair and make sure i kept a straight line. what i would do is use my digital camera on a time delay so i could take a picture of the back of my hair to know how my progress was going. but i'd usually cut my hair while i was naked (to avoid cutting my clothes). well, one day i forgot to delete the pictures after i was done and a guy friend was looking through my camera and came across my naked hair cutting session :P

    1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh did you wanted earth to open up and swallow you (or him) that instances. I'd die!!!

  6. in college i used to cut my own hair. to see how my progress was going and to make sure i was keeping it relatively straight, i used a digital camera on self-timer. one day, a guy friend was looking though my camera and came across my hair cutting session that i had forgotten to delete. oh ya, did i forget to mention that i would cut my hair while naked (so i wouldn't accidentally cut my clothes)?

  7. I was using a hot iron for the first time, and I was left it on my hair too long. It was fried!

  8. When I was a HS Cheerleader, I would get up at 3:30 every game day to spend hours putting curls into my straight hair! I hate curling my hair because of that, but a product like this looks so easy to use, I think I would change my mind! :)

  9. Only hair problems i have is not being able to curl, but this may just do the job

  10. when i was in my late teens i did i hot curler too close to my skin i burn myself and fried them few times;-)

  11. The only other hair problems I have is my hair won't hold curl.