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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Zoya: Stunning & Irresistible Summer Collections: (lots of pictures and a cat)

As part of a product review, I received BOTH!!!!!!!! Stunning and Irresistible Zoya Collections and as never seen before, these collections are perfectly stunning and irresistibly compliment eachother.

I just had to review them together. 

12 amazing colors all RIGHT HERE... (I still cant believe we're talking summer 2013 sets-time flies...)  anyway... 

The Stunning (S) collection is made up of 6 creamy colors while Irresistible (I) are the 6 gorgeous metallics.

I love pink, hot pink, rose and all related shades.... of this duo, Tinsley stands out for its metal-golden-rose shade.

Mickey (S) and Tinsley (I)
 photo ZoyaStunningandIrresistable19_zps3b4c0efb.jpg  photo ZoyaStunningandIrresistable_zpsdaa6c494.jpg  photo ZoyaStunningandIrresistable2_zps9e55b709.jpg

Yana (S) and Bobbi (I)
I paired these two because of their intensity.  Yana is is above pink and below hot pink (if that makes any sense) Bobbi is gives gorgeous purple-ish overtones

pink zebra :) 
 photo ZoyaStunningandIrresistable23_zpsa3180b60.jpg  photo ZoyaStunningandIrresistable3_zpsba2bf1ee.jpg  photo ZoyaStunningandIrresistable4_zps2a2c119a.jpg  photo ZoyaStunningandIrresistable5_zps4c1954ed.jpg

Josie (S) and Rikki (I)
I sense St. Patty's perfect duo RIGHT HERE!!!

 photo ZoyaStunningandIrresistable18_zps2a86f2be.jpg

 photo ZoyaStunningandIrresistable10_zps8c2e99f7.jpg

 photo ZoyaStunningandIrresistable8_zpsc003a1a8.jpg  photo ZoyaStunningandIrresistable7_zpsba2fc7ae.jpg

Thandie (S) and Amy (I)
My favorite color is blue, my favorite nail color is purple but I am having  a thing with corals this season and Thandie is simply STUNNING! and it's Irresistible counterpart Amy simply scream SUMMER!!!

 photo ZoyaStunningandIrresistable21_zpseea32c68.jpg  photo ZoyaStunningandIrresistable26_zps9f3f6617.jpg  photo ZoyaStunningandIrresistable25_zps472d77da.jpg

Rocky (S) and Hazel (I)
Rocky is the stunning creamy light blue, although not terribly unique is a staple to any stash.  Hazel in the other hand is a more exotic metallic with gorgous blue-gray overtones.
 photo ZoyaStunningandIrresistable20_zps9596f373.jpg
 photo ZoyaStunningandIrresistable13_zps04b6dbcc.jpg

 photo ZoyaStunningandIrresistable11_zps0893d691.jpg

Darcy (S) and Kerry (I)
are the happiest duo and I have nail art to prove it thanks to plate BM-304.  
 photo ZoyaStunningandIrresistable22_zps58292033.jpg  photo ZoyaStunningandIrresistable15_zps64451308.jpg  photo ZoyaStunningandIrresistable14_zps9d82c82d.jpg  photo ZoyaStunningandIrresistable24_zps8385e3e6.jpg  photo ZoyaStunningandIrresistable17_zps3d5c8caf.jpg

and Milo paw training with smileys :) 

 photo ZoyaStunningandIrresistable16_zpsb0749547.jpg

For more details and more colors visit zoya.com
and like Zoya on Facebook for more pictures, swatches and nail art by other fans and bloggers.
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  1. yay, my two favorite things: cats and pretty polish :)

    1. yaaaaay!!!!!!!! some of my faves tooO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) <3

  2. Tinsley is a must have, love! <3

  3. ooh, i love that you did all these manicures with the complimentary finishes from the two parts of the collection!!