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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Socks: The Ultimate Comfort

As part of a product review, I received two packs of Buster Brown socks from Wearever.

Wearever is a line of incontinence underwear products but also carry Buster Brown socks, a well-known comfort sock line, mattress pads, perfect if you have children with bed-wetting problems and more.

Many of you don't know that I am also a volunteer first responder.  When on-duty, I am on my feet for very long periods of time.  I first read about Buster Brown socks and saw that they were great for people with diabetes so thought I wasnt a good candidate to review them but then continued reading and also learned how comfortable they are.

More than comfy on-duty shoes, I never thought about the need for comfy socks.

 photo Wearever_zpsa73e6aa3.jpg

Each is a 3-pack and retail for $14.95.  Come in black white and ivory.  The white ones look bigger simply because they are.

They are 99% cotton and 1% spandex.  Do not leave marks or "dents" on my legs are soooo breathable and almost like climate controlled.   Keep my footsies warmer in cold days and cooler on hot days which helps with odor control too!
Sometimes I go from the office shoes into duty-boots no time to powder-up or freshen up and well... boots get the best of me (or worst).
No lint trace and no lint between your toes or nails.
I gave a pair to my mom without telling her they were review items and a few days later she asked where I had gotten them because they're super soft and she wants another pair... of course, 99% cotton ;) and loved the fact that are not tight and stay in place.

Another perk of knee-high socks is that they are big enough so I havent lost any in the washer/dryer none of these have gone to sock heaven :)

 photo Wearever2_zpsb02ef871.jpg  photo Wearever4_zpse4cfc53e.jpg  photo Wearever5_zpsf1f8fc17.jpg  photo Wearever3_zpsbec7072f.jpg

To learn more about this and all other products for your family visit Wearever

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  1. They sound like some comfy socks! Nice review :)