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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Quit It: Instant Pet Trainer

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DRP-PTS-999 - Quit It!™ Instant Pet Trainer and Training Guide - Buy 1, Get 1 Free

As part of a product review, I received a few bottles of Quit It, an instant pet trainer to make 'em quit any unwanted behavior from CATS AND DOGS.  As you know, I have two cats whom I adore as if they were my very own furry children, oh wait! they are!!!
They are also toilet trained (trained to use the toilet as opposed to the litter box) but since  my last vacation, they have been having accidents and I had to back track their training one step.   They also chase eachother at 4 in the morning and one of them (Milo) has been jumping onto countertops.  Milo tends to also walk behind the headrest of my bed (made of leather) and wants to use it as a scratching post.

Yeah... You didnt know any of this.  You thought they were little furry angels because I mostly show you their cute things.

Well, when spotted with any of the unwanted behavior I used to yell and scream and when Milo wants to use my bed as a scratching post I would even throw things at my poor baby! (not heavy things lol)

When I first got Quit It, it was basically point and shoot (not too close to them and away from you) then cats ran like bats out of hell with just three quick bursts of Quit It.

Now I just show them the bottle and off they go!  Havent seeen Milo behind the bedrest, toilet usage has resumed as normal (for Milo) Maya still slips from time to time with #2 and no cat jumps on counter, of course, at least when am home.

I gave a couple to my dog owner friends and they have also reported positive results with no more leash pulling and wanted barking and even potty issues.


QUIT IT!™, an as-seen-on-tv product from Jarden Consumer Solutions, uses pets’ natural instincts to quickly correct unwanted habits such as barking, scratching, chewing, jumping, and entering places in the home that are off limits. QUIT IT™ emits a hissing sound that triggers an instinctual “alarm” in pets, and helps to redirect behaviors.

Using only safe and natural pressurized air, QUIT IT!™ is an effective training aide that eliminates the need for yelling or struggling to communicate with your pet. With one sound of the QUIT IT™ hiss, your pet’s attention is immediately redirected.

Quit It can be purchased for $10.00 + P&H They are currently running a BOGO offer just pay additional P&H.
Learn more at www.buyquitit.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/quititpets