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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Birdies have flown in: Unaware of cats

Good morning:
Yesterday's nail art challenge theme was flowers birds and insects.  I told you how bad I felt that I omitted the birdies that have decided to have birdies fly in today!!! But oh oh!!!! 

These are not real birdies they are fake tattoos I received as part of a product review by Fake Tattoos.  They are a company selling UNIQUE temporary tattoos ALL OVER THE WORLD.  They work directly with designers so that their tattoos can only be found HERE.

Nail tattoos are a growing trend and definitely worth the peek.  Fake Tattoos carry all sort of body tats not just for nails. 

This is the bird design sheet.  Sooo many cute birdies. 

Nail tattoos - Bird design

Application is easy, although I ripped apart 3 birdies before actually getting it.  
Simply CAREFULLY remove the protecting film.  Wet and press the tattoo onto nail until it slips away ON ITS OWN (I learned the hard way)  or simply read the instructions (also learned the hard way)

and taaaa-daaaa!!! :) 

Birdies are ON!!!! 
Who said birds couldnt be "cat people" LOL! 
I promise to have a better pic on Instagram later... Be sure to check it out @bsnfun
cat nail art

It all started as a kitty design over Barielle's Pearly White.  Kitties are freehand nail art using nail stripers in black and hot pink.
But although really cute they were lonely. 
cat nail art

Very lonely :( 
cat nail art

Fake Tattoos came to the rescue.  Perfect when you dont have enough time or your stripers at hand to add to your design.

Birdies sheet retails for $9.00 Package contains two sheets for a total of 80 tatoos. :) 
and can be purchased HERE

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  1. Soo cute! Where did you got The tattoo sheet?

    1. hi!!! I got it for review from Fake Tattoos ;) they ship worldwide ;)
      check out their site http://www.faketattoos.org.uk/

    2. The cats however, are freehand nail art :)

  2. The fake tattoos look good! The cat one is too cute :)

    1. they are!! I cant wait to use them all lol
      the cat is freehand :) in honor of my Tuxedo kitty Milo! :)

  3. Cuteness overload! I'm a cat lover and just showed your mani to all my cats muhahahah :p

    1. hahaha!!!!!!!! YOU HAAAAAVE to go to my FB page.. AM A CAT AUNTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
      lol! all cats aside. Thank you!!!!

  4. Replies
    1. thank you Kelli!!! am so happy they are to your liking <3