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Thursday, May 23, 2013

"Connect with Nature and Do More with Your Sandals"-Sazzi

As part of a product review, I received a pair of Sazzi Sandals and with sandal season upon us, this couldn't be a better time to tell you about it .  

"Sazzi was inspired by the original, ancient pueblo dwelling tribes of North America – the Anasazi People. The word Sazzi (spelling in kind) today translates in native languages as a term of positive virtue and aspiration which means “to be light and agile, yet strong – like a feather”.  It was the goal of these ancient ancestors to be light and powerful in mind and body everyday. At Sazzi, we’re striving for a similar result by building performance footwear that better connects us to the environment and the outdoor activities we love."

Sazzi sandals allow all ten toes to be separated and free to move their natural ways.
Sazzis are made of a material called PLUSfoam and is 100% recyclable.  To learn more about this material visit their Recycle page.

I took my Sazzis to Grand Cayman Island while I was there during a short vacation.  Took them to the beach, walked on sand, went on a hike, was out on the town.  
Got them wet and dry and then wet and dry and then wet and dry again.  Get the point?
I have had sandals through the same rough conditions and after several wet and dry they don't make it back to the house because they either smell, look like totally different and old shoes or stuff has grown on it. 
No problem with Sazzi!!

 photo IMG_20130508_233853_zps2d780736.jpg

It is recommended that you wear your Sazzis around the house as a break-in process but I didnt need to.  They quickly adjusted to my feet and lifestyle. and the "toe separators" were not uncomfortable AT ALL!
I have a hard time with thong sandals because of the "thong" between my toesies. 
Sazzis are the ultimate comfort in hybrid sandals. 

 photo col_zpsb3421818.jpg  photo IMG_9030_zps6cbe02d4.jpg

and came in this reusable bag. :) 

 photo IMG_9033_zps3ce782d5.jpg 

These Sazzi retail $80.00

For more info and styles for men and women visit their site
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