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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Beautiful Confident and Cruelty Free: Sindulge

Sindulge.com stands for Beautiful, Confident and Cruelty Free.  They carry beauty that fits everyday needs no matter your lifestyle.  Tap into the best self by learning about new techniques and product leaving us confident with the knowledge to make the best choices in our beauty regimen and are passionate about our furry children (some people call them "animals").

As part of a product review.  I received a goodie bag with some hotties.  From Pixi, Youngblood, Senna and MDT5 all courtesy of Sindulge.  You have to see all the Sindulge brands.

 photo IMG_0694_zps37fd9e8b.jpg

The samples of MDT5 by Somme Instititute were the coolest thing I've ever seen it's like a facial in 5 steps and 5 minutes ;) 
each packet you see comes with 5 smaller packets inside color coded and numbered.  It's fool proof
nourishing cleanser, transport, serum, A-bomb and double defense (spf)

super cool! 

But my absolute favorite was makeup by Senna.  Stardust Face & Body Bling... anything with the word "bling" on it (lol) 
immediately gives your skin a glow like snowflakes in the moonlight
The lip lacquer glides in lips and is 24k sparkling gold lasts and keeps them hydrated with vitamin E and Jojoba Oil. 

 photo PhotoGrid_1370528947233_wm_zps093ba7c8.jpg

It's on the thicker side but perfect.  Lots of  bling to wear alone or layer over your fave.  This is my favorite coral so old I cant even see the name but I still love it and now even more.

 photo CAM00725-1_wm_zps49e51d40.jpg

Join Sindulge Way in 4 easy steps

1.  Sign up using Facebook
2.  Complete a 2 minute beauty portrait
3.  Access to live video consultations, webinars and vlogs by Troy Jensen, and
4.  Start shopping and apply rewards towards your purchases

Also earn bonus points on purchases
The best things as a "sindulger" is the access to information, tips, trends and reviews and the wide selection of furry-children friendly products

Create your  beauty portrait and select your favorite brands and products you will be assigned your very own beauty consultant who will give you advice on everything and of course a 30 day money-back guarantee with free return shipping.

Stay tuned for the swatch of that Pixi beauty ;) in the nails section.


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