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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Finders' Keepers

Ever wonder what to get someone special?

Look at what just came to my inbox. 

An all about women site.  Invites us to just get together and celebrate or simply to make time for ourselves.  

Here's Galamessence story:

"My grandpa who is 91 years old and completely self-sufficient always says "to live a long life you need a hobby". I tried knitting and many other things and they just weren't for me. Then I remembered another favorite quote "Do what you Love". Being a Marketing professional by day, and loving it, I decided to launch a website that carries all the cool girly gifts. Gifts I have gotten or gave to my girlfriends because my girlfriends have always been there for me and I know always will. Having great girlfriends is such a precious and unique gift. This is my hobby that fills up may nights and weekends but I truly love doing it and because of that not one hour ever felt like work."
check out my favorite items:

High heel wine bottle holders (AAAAAAH! #screamswithexcitement)

Even jewelry 

Turquoise Bubble Necklace - Teal

and wine blinged-out wine glasses with a cause. 
Pink Ribbon Lolita Wine Glass supports Young Survival Coalition

See it for yourself at www.glamessence.com and follow their social platforms



  1. Never hears of this site. Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. It's pretty new! you'll see more of it :) and how cute is the stuff for a shoe lover!!! :D