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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Fun Challenge: Last Day

 photo 984024_10151645728269207_646522518_n_zpscf5b65fa.jpg

Bitter sweet moment! 
last day of the challenge.  We did it!!!!!!!!!! 
more like they did it lol since I skipped two days. 

I took like 5000000000 gazillion pictures so i posted lots they probably all look the same but it's beach themed because "life is a beach"
I used Nail Potion's Summer 2013 shades, Barielle's Straight A Coral and Head of the Class Green for stamping and plates 
CH37 and

sorry about the blob on the dolphin it was a cat hair removal procedure and the dolphin ended up with a scar... :( 

 photo IMG_1137_zps9208dc9a.jpg  photo IMG_1128_zps56952bd6.jpg  photo IMG_1129_zps8f01caf9.jpg  photo IMG_1131_zpsd46dd488.jpg  photo IMG_1138_zps2f91c5ba.jpg  photo IMG_1140_zps1fd427a2.jpg

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  1. These are great!! I love the stamping plates you used...I have to get them!! And the colors are perfect for the beach!! And I get the dolphin/fur removal, lol, I have three long haired dogs and am constantly removing them from my mani!!

    1. hahahaha i cant stop laughing... I do have everything but a dolphin fur remover hahahaha!!!
      THANK YOU!! I thought someone was gonna think i was a nut! ^_^

  2. This is cute! Love the dolphins :)

  3. Wow they're great!! I can't imagine all the time you've spent doing this! But I think it's worth it! They are fun and artistic, congratulations! :)

    1. :)
      not really! stamps went on pretty easy! I spent more time trying to decide which ones to use :)