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Monday, June 10, 2013

Nail polish rack remodels bar-area in home :)

It was a mess and didnt look like anything.  I had to fix it!
make it pretty and attractive.
Even though I only use it to store my drinking glasses and do my nails (and a few other things ;) )

This is what the bar area looked like

 photo IMG_0330_zpsc6eeb714.jpg

there's no room for anything

 photo IMG_0329_zps92be1841.jpg

a few shelves were added

 photo IMG_0348_zps1e242bb5.jpg

and BAM!!!!!!
The nail polish rack I got from Nolyphetvixay

 photo IMG_0427_zps98ad48e6.jpg

and it's pretty area now.
This corner of my living room was given a new life ;) 
 photo IMG_0426_zps0f6cb83d.jpg

 photo IMG_0428_zps9d25e38b.jpg 

 photo IMG_0425_zps394f15c8.jpg

Dont worry about my nail polish stash... they'll find a good place ;)

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