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Saturday, June 22, 2013

On a budget? shop anyway :)

Lately I seem to be on a permanent short budget.  Looking to shop anyway, I came across a new (to me) website.   Trued story:  I was looking for a reasonably priced website to buy cocktail dresses and found eFoxcity.com.  Perfect for fashion clothing, accessories and even fashion wedding dresses.

They are an online clothing wholesaler and supplier to many wholesalers and boutiques WORLDWIDE.  Legally registered SHENZHEN and Hong Kong.

Styles are trendy and fashionable.  There is nothing worse than shopping from a far far away land for out-of-style pieces..  They have their own factory so they can produce large amounts and maintain wholesale prices.

I also read rave reviews on their site and love the fact that they ship internationally.  They also have a super handy dandy currency button so you can view the unbelievable prices in your own currency.

I can't wait to review some of their items like this white euro style bracelet
Euro Style White  Bracelet SP49509
Stay tuned for more.

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