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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Indie Invasion: Ellagee Polish: Swatches and Review

As part of a product review, I received three minis from Ellagee from her Moondust Holos Collection. Besides being stoked for having receiving these pretties.  I am honored.  Ellagee carefully selects her reviewers and it's an honor to have been chosen.  

I do not make polish but from applying it over and over I can tell that holos are more difficult to make than regular polish.  For starters, it's a little more expensive but the holo shimmer and rainbow effect are just spectacular and worth every penny.  Ellagee has achieved perfection in shade and formula.  These are quick drying and holo application rules apply: no going over strokes, let dry between coats to avoid bald spots.  I just apply a thick first coat.

Without further blah blah here they are:

 photo Ellagee_zps5430c7f8.jpg

First up is Gold Dust Woman:
Rosy bronze and holo blueish, silverish and goldish shimmer.

 photo Ellagee6_zps8f6b3c41.jpg  photo Ellagee7_zps3c6e55de.jpg

Soft sky blue with micro red, yellow, orange, blue and purple hex glitter and of course, hollo shimmer.

 photo Ellagee5_zps5d5c6625.jpg  photo Ellagee4_zpsd67a7aa7.jpg

And my personal favorite, Purple Haze
Deep purple with holo shimmer
Dear Purple Haze: I am so lucky to have you <3

 photo Ellagee2_zps32ac9796.jpg  photo Ellagee3_zps01f56865.jpg 

"All ellagee polishes are handcrafted in small batches and are big-5-free and cruelty free. They are created with high quality components and are tested for separation, sinking, fading, bleeding, curling, and wear."

These holos (minis) retail for $4.75 full size also available.
can be purchased at Ellagee.com
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