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Monday, June 17, 2013

Google Reader (that thing that keeps all of your fave blogs in one place) going Bah-Bye

Months ago, I started reading all the buzz about Google Reader going away.  The first thing that popped into my head how am I going to read all the blogs I follow and then how are YOU going to read the blogs YOU follow including mine :( 

All the buzz also talked about Bloglovin so I went ahead and checked it out.  It's super easy to set up and it automatically imports the blogs you read.  I kinda like it better than Reader but it did take a little to get used to it.  It's super easy to navigate but getting accustomed to it and finding where to click was a little tricky for me, but again, am not that savy when it comes to tech. 

I succeeded in figuring it out and  I like it!!! 

First, click here:

Then it will bring you to this page:

Click that blue button that says “Import from Google Reader”

It only took me like 5 minutes and I follow a gazillion blogs. 

Bloglovin also sends me a daily feed to my email so I dont miss a thing on any given day.  I see it as a mailbox because it marks "read" the posts that I read.  Just like my email inbox.  I think that's neat.
I lot more interactive.  You can "like" your favorite posts and they will be saved in a "likes" tab sort of like bookmarking if there's something you want to go back to for reference or inspiration or whatnot and when you're done you can "unlike" so that your list is not neverending.  

So there's only about two weeks left of Google Reader. 

Join Bloglovin NOW!!!!!! and follow us there too!

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  1. Sad to hear that its going away but at least there's bloglovin :)