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Friday, June 21, 2013

Dreams Cosmetics: Dreams do come true: Swatches and Review

As part of a product review, I received a gorgeous set of Dreams Cosmetics from FabulouStreet to glitter up!!!!

First up is Scorpio.  Being identified with this zodiac sign and having a thing for purple lately this shade stole my polish heart in a heart-beat.

It's made of gorgeous glitter in black and purple micro glitters and larger holos.
Seen here over Jessica Ava.

 photo Dreams6_zpsc8d5a03c.jpg

My mommy loved it too and wore it over True Love's Kiss by Pomegranate.
 photo Dreams7_zps55e15ba6.jpg  photo Dreams8_zps0b3881ca.jpg
My mani with of course Dreams top coat.
 photo Dreams9_zps3210ed57.jpg

Milky Way is a galaxy on its own with holo (rainbow) multi size glitter.
Glitter UP! 

 photo Dreams10_zps31b5bf7a.jpg

I made this mani for a graduation party :)  thought I added some  appropriate nail art.
 photo Dreams_zps901d6345.jpg

Final Product :) 

 photo CAM00613_wm1_zps022834df.jpg

And lastly, Saggittarius (yes, with a double "T") seen here to compliment Barielle's Princess
Pink black and hot pink micro glitter with larger holo glitter
Perfect match for Princess.
Warning: Index finger seems a little bumpy because my nail was breaking and in order to hang on to it a little longer I added a layer of acrylic powder but of course I have never done this before so just ignore the bumps.  ;) 
 photo Dreams2_zps7a5f2f18.jpg

Sweet and elegant.

 photo Dreams2_zps8c70eaff.jpg  photo Dreams3_zps769a3dec.jpg

But of course I couldnt leave it alone so I added some striping tape.

 photo Dreams4_zps073a0ef4.jpgl photo Dreams5_zps3a320689.jpg 

Dreams Cosmetics is 3-free :) 
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