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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Indie Invasion: Kunimitsu Nail Potions

As part of a product review, I received three pretties from the latest Kunimitsu Nail Potions collection Summer 2013.

You have seen this wonderful indie maker particularly because of Calico 100% inspired in the Calico cat just like my baby Maya.  For that same polish and her love for kitty cats I hold her Nail Potions very dear to my heart.

I must say her formula is awesome and I don't know about you but my three shades remind me of Mario Brothers video games :) 

First up, 180 Years Old.  Reminds me of my favorite Mario Brothers green character.... guess who!!!!
No, not Luigi... YOSHI!!!!!!!!!! (that's probably how old Yoshi is) am always Yoshi when I play and yes, I still play :) 
Very light pastel-minty base with green and blue bars, hexes and squares and even a few stars.  Seen below in two coats.  More coats the more green you will see. 
I love it like this... on the off-whitish side 

 photo IMG_1169_zpsc898dfad.jpg
 photo IMG_1162_zps1ee1371d.jpg  photo IMG_1160_zps240fa07d.jpg

Next up,  Bubbles for Babies.  This one makes me think of Baby Princess Peach.  :) 
also very light pinkish base.   With hot pink bling and shimmer
 photo IMG_1157_zps3224cd90.jpg  photo IMG_1150_zps839f9d80.jpg  photo IMG_1147_zps9f8aef1a.jpg

Lastly Peachy Queen.  Turned out to be my favorite of the tree.  Love the peachy base.  A Queen indeed. 
Is anyone thinking Princess Peach???
Different size hexes and glitter in coral, yellow and orangy colors with some white stars.

 photo IMG_1144_zps12e19a75.jpg  photo IMG_1142_zps9a1de305.jpg  photo IMG_1141_zps9649faf4.jpg

I loved them soooo much these are the colors featured in the last day of the Summer Fun Nail Art Challenge.  Check it out.

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