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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Flex Belt

I am a friend of everything that can make me look good, so I feel good, so I look better!!!! ;)  and that is safe and that it doesn't take a lot of work or brake my wallet.  

I received the Flex Belt which uses EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) cleared by the FDA to tone, firm and strengthen your abs.  It has been featured in many recent and popular magazines and has a high rating of customer satisfaction see their press section and Flex Belt Facebook page for info and "real people" testimonials.  

This is an actual belt that you put around your waist right between your rib cage and your hip bone.  Although it is recommended that you use it sitting down until you get used to the feeling, you can use it while cooking, walking, doing your make-up or even blogging.  Wear it as tight as you can, without it being uncomfortable.

The Flex Belt came with removable gel pads (must be changed every 25-30 sessions), charger, instructions booklet (in various languages) which also includes a diary chart so you can keep track of your own progress and a carrying pouch as well as a meal planner and a magazine subscription.

The Flex Belt is for everyone to use whether or not you have exercised in your life.  I started going to a kickboxing gym (CKO) and it was wasted money.  Although it was an awesome workout my biggest problem  was lack of motivation to actually go!!!

Normally, when muscles contract it is your brain telling your muscles to do so.  Here, your ab muscles don't seem to care whether is your brain or the EMS telling them to contract so they contract and that's basically how it works.  .

You increase the intensity gradually to both sides of your abs (I keep both sides at the same intensity).  Of course, do it as hard as you can, without causing pain, (duh! I know- but its worth mentioning) There are 10 progressive programs, the Flex Belt progresses automatically through the first 8, 9 and 10 can be manually selected (once you get to that level) I am currently on program 2 and here's my journal so far

My first day, I looked at the sample routine and it was at 40/40 (left/right) and it is recommended that you at least start on 15/15.  So I figured 35 was a good in-between number for me.  At first I felt a weird tingling sensation but got used to it quick and very soon realized that 35 wasnt going to do anything for me.  So I kept increasing until I felt something actually happening and averaged 51/51 for the first session.  The next day I didnt feel as if I had had a workout so I increased it and averaged 75/75.  You need to rest in between so I rested the third day!  anyway.. Here's my chart.

Week Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6   Day 7
  1     51         75      Rest    80     85    rest    did not do*
  2     95         105    Rest    115   120   120    120 
  3     125       125    123      rest  126    125    rest
  4     125       127    127      rest  127    127    rest

* there are times where you should consult with your doctor prior to using the Flex Belt, if you have just had a baby, c-section, or on the heavy days of your monthly visit (I hardly ever want to do anything anyway on those days).
No battery changing or recharging yet.

I plan to do it 5 times a week as recommended and am ready to increase to average 95.  I want to see results fast and I am willing to "work" hard at it.  The first program, the sessions were only 20 minutes.  My sessions are now 25 minutes.

Very easy to set-up, use and understand.
It targets specific ab muscles.
I can do it at any time, day or night and everywhere.
I can make sure I get my workout.
Automatically shuts off after your workout session has finished, I dont need to figure it out. 
It stimulates me to do better as far as dieting and exercising.
Customer service is ready, willing and able to answer any questions.
Shipping is super fast.

Cons so far:
I wish there was an app for tracking progress.
Although others can use the belt, I simply recommend that they have their own gel pads, I wish it had a multi-user function so that my boyfriend could use and the belt could remember the program am in without me having to manually change it.
I wish it included a second set of pads, just so you have them when you need it-the good news is when you buy it and share your experience, you can get a set of pads FREE!! ;)

So the cons aren't that bad.  I will post again with my second week of progress.

To learn more visit their website
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I have received this product for review in exchange for my 100% honest opinion.  Regardless, I only recommend products that I have personally tried and liked and believe them to be good to my readers.


  1. I cant wait to see the end results when you're done with the challenge. This is something I have to look into! thank you for the awesome review.

    1. aw thank you and yes, so far so good

  2. Do you have a before/after picture planned? I can't wait to see the end results. I am going to their website right away. This is definitely something I would be interested in trying.

    1. most definitely, I have my before pic (not a great pic) and will have an after pic

  3. I would love one of these. Thanks for the great review.

    1. thank you and you;re welcome! =)

  4. This is such a great idea, and I really need one too, I will def. check them out right now.

    1. =) be sure to tell them I sent you =)

  5. Love your review!! I really want to try it!

  6. I have read it about it but wasnt sure, it sounds to good to be true. I will follow your posts and see

    1. I guess results very from person to person. but yeah! wait and see! =)

  7. This is a great review thank you for all the information.