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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Beach Goer?? Leave the sand at the beach!

I live relatively close to the beach and love to visit except that at times am too lazy to get my shoes, clothes and car full of sand and then have to clean it all out.  Sometimes we take our bicycles to the beach, enjoy the water then when we want to get back on the bikes, we get our shoes and socks ready to later find socks FULL of sand.  I don't want to even get started of when I take the kids.  ughhh!!! just such an inconvenience.  So when I heard about Sand Gone sand remover, I knew I just had to try it.  This could be the solution to leaving sand where it belongs, AT THE BEACH!!

So I tried it on dry sand and it worked wonders just use the puff applicator and voila!  but what about wet sand.  
I wet my hand and cover it with a thick layer of sand

and worked as promise.  

Some of the sand stayed in the puff but I shook it and the excess sand came right off.

Sand Gone also left my skin soft and with a coconut scent.  Lovely!!! =) 

Didn't take too much effort or powder which means it can last for a while.  It's already in my beach bag.  I am ready to go!!!

To learn more visit www.sandgone.com and be sure to like them on Facebook

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