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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Facebook has done it again (UGHHHHH!!!!!!!!)

Here we are again with another Facebook madness.  This is one the few pains of being  a Facebook page owner.  All the things I post on the wall may or may not come up in your newsfeed.  Because Facebook decides who gets it and who doesnt becuase of some new Edgerank System (that I didnt ask for). 

The good news is that there is something YOU can do about it.  I like to thank Rainbow Honey for this awesome illustration.  Do this for all pages you follow.

Photo: Hey everyone! Missing updates from your favorite pages? Here's how to resolve that - just make sure you have "Show in News Feed" checked off!

Also, to be sure you dont miss out on your favorite pages STAY ACTIVE like and comment on our posts to assure that our content appears on your newsfeeds.

And just to make everyone more upset (UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) if we want our posts to show on your feeds, we have to pay!!!!!  so if you see more of one then other (especially the big businesses) of course it is safe to assume who is paying more.

So, make sure you go to the Beauty-Shoes-Nails-Fun page and all of your favorite pages and follow the illustration above so you dont miss out and of course, follow our blogs (just in case).  

Of course, we can pay to assure that our posts are "promoted" on Facebook, but I hardly have a budget for giveaways and cannot afford this non-sense... 

Are you upset?? or am I just irrationally venting??


  1. Very upset..this is total bs! it's not our fault they lost their asses when the stock went public.. I can see them doing it to big companies like walmart, but blog pages, come on.. its not like we make $ off them.

    1. EXACTLY!!!!!!! they facilitate social media and interaction GREAT!!! then PAY?? just like you said, we're not making money off of them!!! GRRRR!!!