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Saturday, June 2, 2012

The "IN" Custom Blend Cosmetics: GIELLA

I love trying products I had never heard of.  I was looking for a nail polish to match one of my favorite blouses and that is how I found GIELLA (which means jewel in Italian and is also the name of its developer).

GIELLA is a custom blend cosmetic line.  Yeap!! custom that means whatever they make is made JUST FOR YOU.  Whatever you want and you even get to name your shades.  I had the opportunity to visit Henri Bendel store in NYC where GIELLA markets this concept and where your cosmetics are made ON THE SPOT.
Upon my arrival to the GIELLA counter, I was greeted by their representative who was attentive in every sense of the word, personal attention and superior service as well as this cutting edge product.

They can personalize any shade that you want or make it from scratch.  They custom make it everything from eyes to nails to lips and even skin care.  I was given the opportunity to review Tatiana from their nail enamel line which perfectly matches my blouse as well as matching lipstick.  They can also match your favorites and bring back discontinued colors =D

Blouse background

HOW IS DONE:  It is basically like making a gourmet recipe from scratch and without harmful chemicals.  All ingredients are nicely displayed and you just choose what you want to be part of your creation.  The ingredients are then mixed (as in a mixing pot-it's actually a test-tube like mixing tube) and is heated at a high temperature until you have the desired color and finish (shimmery, matte, etc.) and yes, just like making a recipe you can "taste" (not that you should) more like try it on to see if you are liking it. then let it cool  down for a few and bottle and you're done.  All of this takes about 10 minutes or less.
While I was there, I created a nail polish and named it Maya (yeah, my cat's name) it is the pink you see below.  Just what I wanted.  A rich and creamy slightly shimmery rosy-pink color.  It applies super easy, it glides on your nail, one coat was enough and has beautiful shine, fast drying and durable I also made a matching lip gloss also named Maya.

Perfect to let your nail art imagination flow

The packaging is original and very pleasant and appealing to the eye.  It is definitely a high-end cosmetic and it is marketed as such but worth the privilege and luxury of having their brand and products just like wearing couture as opposed to clothes off any rack.

This is most definitely an A+++++ reccomendation  I am not just saying I liked it-I loved it so much, I purchased my very own lip gloss and named it Maya Grape they can also add scent and flavor.  See their menu.  I added violet scent for self confidence (not on menu).

Maya Grape
Pictures doesnt really do any justice.

That's Maya Grape applied on my finger (that's more like it) I am holding Maya Grape nails and lips along with the diamond burst, an awesome mixture of all sorts of glitters that makes my nails sparkle as if I was wearing diamonds and what girl doesnt like diamonds??

PROS: Anything you can think of and no more guessing how long your makeup had been on the shelves.
CONS: I need to increase my "get pretty" budget.

Check out GIELLA for  FACE  |  CHEEKS  |  EYES  |  LIPS  |  NAILS  |  SKIN CARE  | 

GIELLA does NOT test on animals.   (YAAAY!!!)

To learn more go to www.GIELLA.com
and like them on Facebook

Except as noted, I received these products in exchange for my 100% honest opinion, regardless I only recommend products that I have personally tried and liked.
Maya Grape xoxo!


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