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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Toe Juice

Created in 1970 by Royce Garner, a high school chemistry teacher in Boise, Idaho, because his infant son had flaking, dry, cracked feet. The many lotions, creams, and medicines were just not working to solve the problem. So Royce did some research and came out with a revolutionary new product. Not only did it fix and prevent further complications with his son's feet, but over the next 40 years thousands have benefited from the strength of Royce's Toe Juice

Toe Juice?? I couldnt believe the name.  But it is magical!!! this is a must see.  go to the ToeJuice.com it is good for Acne, Athletes foot, cold sores, rashes, insect bites, ringworm, warts and more.  I have been using it as a toner on my face and wow, it is not greasy, all natural, plant based and fast drying fluid containing willow bark, lemon peel and cinnamon extract all great ingredients to repair skin (Dermavine).  It does have an astringent smell to it.  I have now given it to a friend who suffers from cracked hands, especially during the colder months and so far so good.  Unfortunately, it did not work so well on my boyfriend who has very sensitive skin, but worked just as well for my cousin who has somewhat of a sensitive skin and me with normal skin.  

I wear a lot of open toe shoes, peep toe, ankle strap, wedges and sandals of all heights and my feet get very dried.  I have been using this on my feet and have noticed my feet to be softer and smoother.  

Hog Wash is an alcohol based hand sanitizer infused with DermaVine (. Unlike common hand sanitizers Hog Wash promotes soft healthy skin rather than over drying your hand

This wonderful product can be purchased online at AmazonDrugstore.comWalgreens.com, and at Toejuice .com or click HERE for locations.

Be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter and see their videos on YouTube

A+++++ you seriously have to try this stuff.

Not that it was made from toes but it does great to MY toes =) 

Click here for Coupons US and Canada http://www.toejuice.com/coupons and/or enter below to win.

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  1. I'd like to try it on my feet. :)

  2. probably as a face astringent. :)

  3. I would use it for my feeties :)