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Monday, June 4, 2012

Life with Maya

I love animals and if it was up to me, I would have a big house full of them especially cats, dogs and horsies.  However, I dont and cant afford a big farmhouse nor a big house so I just have a cat and a few guppies (fishes).   Last year, I had been going through a lot and really wanted a fury friend, My thinking was that I have finished my undergrad and now have time to care for a pet, and dump all the love I have to give but I have to be careful because I happen to have a lot of leather furniture and really want a cat, and cats scratch everything in sight (sighs) 

Well, you can always declaw him/her: NO!!!! I dont have the heart, but I can get one that's already declawed.  =)  I went through many shelters and hoops and loops and just couldnt find one =( 

SO the search stopped until one day I was visiting a friend and told me that her neighbor found a litter on the street and took them in for her cat to take care of them until adoption and this is what she brought before my eyes

The cutest most adorable siblings (boy and girl). This is when Maya and I first met.  I was really looking for a boy but the boy was a little feisty and the first reaction to everything was, like a good cat, take your claws out (not good for my furniture)  Maya wasnt very friendly at first but kept her claws inside.  Until of course threatened with gravity as you see below. 

We took her in RIGHT AWAY and fell in love with her and she got used to her new home and mommy very fast.  She did fall in love with my boyfriend, which is easy to do, but this cat has had a thing for him since day 1.  Details later!

She loved all her toys and living place.  Really made the place her own. 

She later developed a taste for what her mommy likes- that's a good bottle of Tequila Don Julio Reposado which is very near the top brought directly from Mexico.  I had the bottle hidden and she found it!! 

She loves helping around the house especially when am doing laundry she gets into everything and under the cover when am doing the bed.  She does this despite not being allowed on the bed, unless I feel like it (rarely) or when she needs extra attention.  

She plays hard so she sleeps a lot, a lot, too much!! but she does play a lot too!  

She's my best friend but this is her best friend =/

Here they are... She's helping daddy build her very first condo, she now has a 3-story condo with a terrace so she doesnt pay much mind to this one anymore.  But she's everywhere her daddy is when he comes to visit us. 

On moving day, we were so tired that we fell asleep on the floor to take a short brake and here she comes laying between our arms <3 now, this is family!!! <3 

And of course, she thought I couldnt see her. 

She's an indoor cat, wont go outside even when being carried outside as you see here or perhaps the rain scared her a bit.  

She's a spoiled brat and the whole neighborhood (and her) knows it. This is her first x-mas under the tree.

She doesnt like it when I go, so last time she went on a sitting strike on MY LUGGAGE! the next day I found her inside and fur all over my clothes (UGHH)  <3

As all happy cats, she's very clean

and sleeps a lot

A lot.

Having a cat has been a great responsibility.  Thank God she has enjoyed good health and developed good habits.  She follows me around the house like a dog, she fetches, and she's being toilet trained - yeah to go in the TOILET)(I should do a whole new post about that-It's an awesome thing) When my other baby (my boyfriend) comes to see us, you can tell her happiness, she starts following him and gives him nodges of love.  Those two have such a good connection that she can be carried in his arms at the line at the pet store for her shots, IN HIS ARMS, with other cats and dogs around, of course other cats are locked in their carriers and dogs are running on long (sometimes too long) leashes.  

She lets me pamper her, clip her nails, carry her, put on her stylish kitty claws (the things that look like nail polish on the first picture) and even dress her up.  LoL! 

Of course there are days wherein she doesnt want to be bothered, I think we're on the same cycle.  She has been fixed (that's another long story for another post) and does not have a period or urges (thank goodness).  
Overall, she's the best kitty a cat lover could ever ask for.  She's very respectful of my things as I am of hers.  I wish though she could put her toys away too but that's a little too much to ask.  I know.

I hope you enjoyed reading this.  I love reading your comments.  Please do so below and tell me about your pets!
Off I go to play


  1. That was the cutest lil story ever lol. Maya is definetly blessed to have such a wonderful human :) it's amazing how beautiful calicos are, personality wise and beauty wise lol. Calicos love to sleep at least 18 hours a day. My calico is a full 18 hour napper lol. I love calicos so much and Maya is a wonderful cat. I loved your post and all her pictures. She is really camera friendly! So sweet to see her as a kitten and now a beautiful cat <3

    1. thank you for your kind comment!!!!! she's the best! yes, a personality indeed, it's amazing how animals also have their own little "persona" in them

  2. Oh and I can't believe she lets you dress her lol. My fat cat calico would never allow such a thing lol

    1. I knooooow, everyone says the same. I actually think she likes it! and I love it (gets the shedding taken care of for a few hours) I dont leave it on at all times just cuz, it's not natural for cats, but she seems fine! and clip her ALL of the claws in one sitting =)

  3. She's sooo cute!! I love her already

  4. Oh, how cute, she is def spoiled, would love to take her place lol!

    1. lOl I dont know who's got who... if am a cat owner or am owned by a cat lol... good thing she knows who owns the house but she's deff a spoiled little bratt (with manners) haha!! <3

  5. Aww, I loved looking at the baby-Maya pictures, she is so cute! I love all your kitty stories and product reviews!

    1. thank you!!!!! I love her soooooooo much!! she's soooooooooo spoiled though! and a poser! she inspects every box that comes in for review... one day am just gonna have her do the reviews lol (imagine that..haha!)