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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bac Pac Traveller: BC Hats

I love hats BC Hats came about as young William Conner figured out how to put the wire in the brim of a leather hat so that it could be shaped.  Today, his original design and construction method is world renowned and the quality of a B.C. leather hat is still at the very top.  B.C. Hats is a family owned company dedicated to quality and service and original Australian hats.

I received the Bac Pac Traveler perfect for any outing I have worn it to horseback ride and even just out for the afternoon and received many compliments.  It has shaped nicely to my head (not the other way around).  and I feel almost as sexy as the gals in the picture =)

Delivery was very prompt and came nicely packaged.  No damage can happen.  Customer service is 5 stars.  Very willing to answer customers questions and concerns.

The bac pac traveler features small brim which is reienforced with a flexible wire to allow this hat to be crushed if needed for travel. It it designed with a snap on each side which allows for a band or scarf of your choice. The bac Pac traveller smooth leather has been treated with waxes and oils to guard against the elements. It is also fitted with a comfortable suede sweat band. Brim size 2.75".

To learn more go to their WEBSITE

You can also visit www.adventurehat.com where you can buy BC Hats and select from many other brands and styles.  


  1. Good review I love the comment about the sexy gals...lol.

    1. I feel like them.. whether or not I look like them is yet to be determined.

  2. Great Review. Super cute hat... I'd love to see you in it!

  3. Great review Love the hat :)

  4. Laticha DeMars AshbyJune 14, 2012 at 12:16 PM

    So cute, good review.