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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nail Polish that Changes Colors

Check this out!!!!
I have a problem wherein at times I must wear decent "indoors" "work" nail polish as it cannot be too bold or I'll get frowns from upper management (not a good idea), plus am working so I want to look very professional.  But I found this nail polish from Del Sol that gives me my "work appropriate" look and my bold, worth-to-look at manicure when am outdoors.

Pretty in Pink  and Lustrous Lady
Yeah, I know it may not look like much to some but look at the wonders that it can do!! (except for the glitter accent I think it's very work-appropriate)

Indoors                                                               Sunny Outdoors
Here, I am wearing Del Sol Pretty in Pink with Rainbow Honey's Pinkie Promise on my pinky, middle finger and thumb and Del Sol Lustrous Lady on my ring and index fingers with Rainbow Honey's Celestia.

The Del Sol nail polishes are 3-Free, (yaay!) easy to apply, the look above took 2 coats, nice size brush to get enough polish to cover your nail has a shiny finish I am wearing them without a top coat and dries quick.  Also, the indoor and outdoor picture are 3 days apart.  I did my nails at night thinking the next day would be sunny and no sun on the east coast for 3 days and held up very very very well!

Lustrous Lady has a very nice blue shimmer to it unseen indoors.  On both, the colors really come alive.  
Also perfect for ANY nail art idea.  Check this cherry blossom bloom before my eyes thanks to Del Sol color changing nail polish. 

I love it!!! A+++++ recommendation (liked it so much wore it for almost a week).  Del Sol also makes an array of products from clothing to jewelry that change colors before your eyes with sunlight.  Be sure to check them out on their website, like them on Facebook and subscribe to their YouTube channel 

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  1. This is so cool!!! I didn't know there was such a thing! Thanks for the review!