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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Organic & Natural: Natural Skin Care Products

As you may know by now, am a big fan of nature and all of its wonders and beauty, hence, I love companies that are able to transfer that beauty and purity onto our skin to make US feel nourished, replenished and beautiful.  

I have been given the amazing opportunity to review some of Annmarie Gianni's Organic & Natural and have been using them for several days.  

I have not had such an enjoyable morning and night beauty routine.  It delivered spa-like results.  It felt like aroma therapy on my face.  All of my senses took a part.  Felt good to touch, I could see it working, the scent was amazing I almost wanted to eat it (ok, so not all senses).

I've said it and I'll say it again, it is never too late or to early to choose the right products for your beauty routine.  Your skin will thank you at the end.  Take your skin's overall health and condition seriously

Products range in price. (totally worth it) Go to their WEBSITE to learn more.   You can also buy sample kit like this one HERE for $10.00 and you will also automatically receive a $10.00 coupon to use in a future purchase of ANY full size product. So it's like getting a free sample.

My faves:
Of all of the products above, my favorite is the coconut honey mask.  Smells like sweet coconut pastry and nourishes your inner and outer beauty.  Honey is high in Vitamin C, B vitamins and amino acids, all of which nourish your skin and it is suitable for ALL skin types.  ALSO WORKS ON DRY ELBOWS,KNEES AND CRACKED HEELS.

 The herbal facial oil is great for sensitive skins and helps balance the complexion of those with combination (oily/dry) skin leaving your face refreshed and hydrated.   It has a herbal scent more like willow bark, I have noticed a great change in my pores, less clogging therefore, less black heads. 

The anti-aging serum increases great for mature skins - moistures by inhibiting hyalunrondase, which is destructive to skin's natural moisterizer.  It boosts collagen 111, a type of collagen abundant in young skin that diminishes with age and helps soothe irritated skin. 

Meet Annmarie Gianni:
"Annmarie Gianni is an internationally known author, health advocate, personality and founder of Annmarie Gianni Skin Care.
Just a few years ago, Annmarie started to take a hard look at the products she was putting on her skin. In just a few short days of research, what she found shocked her.
Skin care products were severely under-regulated and most contained ingredients that weren’t safe at almost any amount. Even products that claimed they were organic or natural had hidden preservatives and other nasty additives.
She was frustrated and motivated to find a better option, because she realized so many people were using these supposedly “natural” products.
What she found was not encouraging. Many of the truly natural products weren’t up to her standards of quality or effectiveness.
It wasn’t long until she realized that if she wanted to have a truly clean and natural skin care line, she would have to do it herself.
So she did and Annmarie Gianni Skin Care was founded to provide a clean, natural skin care experience using natural, organic and wildcrafted ingredients"
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  1. I love natural skin care items and this looks really good