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Monday, July 9, 2012

Kopali Organics: Chocolate: yummy to the tummy

Kopali is a company dedicated to helping small farmers around the world.
The Kopali Organics brand is based upon treats that are “Good for you. Good for farmers. Good for earth.” 

What girl doesn't like chocolate (ok, ok, I know there a few, but very few) am one of those chocolate lovers so I was super excited when I received Kopali's chocolate covered banana and chocolate covered espresso beans.  From the two, my very favorite has to be the chocolate covered banana.  I normally do NOT eat dark chocolate and although it is known to be the healthiest form of chocolate, it's too biter for me.  HOWEVER, the soft, chewy and sweet made the chocolate taste just like chocolate =) 

Although this particular product was made in Peru, it took me back when I was a little girl back in Colombia and we went off to the countryside and hang out by the cocoa plants, got cocoa beans and made hot chocolate from the real cocoa beans.  It doesnt get more natural than that and Kopali brought back that scent and taste.

Great snack.  I even took my chocolate on an outdoor adventure my back pack has cooling features so chocolate did not melt.  It was a great source of energy and FOOD, as you know am always hungry. 

Thank you Kopali.

With my samples, Kopali sent me that cool looking tank top from No Enemy Apparel have combined forces to improve the goods we use, the lives of the people who produce them and the planet that we all share.  Fair labor and pesticides bringing us flavors from around the world and comfy clothing styles designed in Santa Cruz, CA 100% organic even their tags are printed with soy based ink.

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  1. Love this! Next time you can send the dark chocolate to me!!! I will have to look for these. Thank you. Also love your description of being a little girl back in Columbia!

    1. haha! will do!! yeah! it really took me back that long =) I must admit they were so good I didnt share with anyone (blushed face)