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Monday, July 30, 2012

Ergonomic pen - UGLee Pen: Review and GIVEAWAY

As you already know from previous reviews and posts, I LOVE PENS!! and I couldnt be happier to review this innovative ergonomic pen called UGLee Pen that claims to be the most comfortable and durable pen there is.  So I put it to the test.

At first, it's not very pleasant to the eye... (at least the pens am used to) but again, I collect them so I may be biased in that sense.  So when I saw it.  I found the FIRST great thing.  WHO's GONNA STEAL IT???  Pen stealing in a major major problem, so if someone ever asks if they can borrow your pen say with confidence NO!!!!  Ok!  they wont steal it because of its looks (again my opinion) but once they use it... it's a gonner!  

It's lightweight and amazingly smooth.  I used it on different types of paper (even papers that make your handwriting fail) and all PASSED my critical testing.

Ink did not smear, especially important for signatures (in my  line of work) and filling out forms.

It's end is retractable. 

So ok!  it's not adorable like the pink orchid pen last featured on my blog, but it does an amazing job and I particularly love the soft and non-slip grip especially important for children when learning how to write.

Another PLUS is the fact that its made of a virtually indestructible material, particularly important for pen biters.  I confess, I bite the tip of my pens.  Although biting wont destroy it according to Dr. Lee (its creator) I bit the top a few times only making small insignificant indentations.  (I think after this am done biting my pens, I felt ridiculous doing it willingly, I bet that's how I look when I do it for no reason). 

Other pen manufacturers put beauty before comfort but who wants to brainstorm on 20 pages for a  thesis with an uncomfortable pen.

I personally love it and agree that it's the most comfortable thus far.  They come in different colors and in all seriousness, they are not that UGLee, it really is just the name.  But when I first read the name that's what came to my mind.

To learn more visit http://www.ugleepen.com/about-the-ultimate-grip-pen/ for great videos with information and meet Dr. Lee, the creator of Uglee Pens. 

To buy click HERE or enter below for a chance to win a 3-pack (random color)

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  1. What makes me love a pen is when I write how the ink comes out

  2. The grip on the pen, the kind of ink it uses (I don't like smudgy ink!).

  3. The softness of the glide! I also like to be able to write from any angle. Some pens have to be angled just right or they wont do the job!

  4. I like it to glide easily and the ink to come out without having to push hard on the pen or grip it hard! lots of times I can't even fill out forms long because my hand starts hurting, so have to take a break! lol

  5. I love a pen that glides without skipping and a good grip.

  6. Love a pen thats comfy to hold and glides smoothly across the paper.

  7. i like a pen which glide easily!!!