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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Eau Flirt: Harvey Prince: GIVEAWAY

They are an emerging fragrance company started by two brothers in dedication to their inspirational mother in 2008. Fast forward three years, and Harvey Prince is taking on the stuffy traditions of the industry:  it features cruelty-free, luxurious fragrances with stories behind them, as well as the science of scent to back them up, which empower women to feel young, happy, slim, and sexy. Its fragrances have been featured in the New York Times, Cosmopolitan Magazine, The Early Show, and more

Eau Flirt is one of Harvey Prince's Natural Spray Vaporisateur eau toilette. This perfume FLIRTS for you. My boyfriend loves it!!!!!!! it makes him lean forward everytime =)
It has a slight sweet scent with a little of lavender and other subtle spices (my opinion) I really love it and most importantly it's a scent that LASTS through the day.  Click HERE for complete details and the story behind this fragance.

I love the New York Times' comment "olfactory equivalent of a little red dress" and I couldnt agree more.
Create a buzz with this “peppy new fragrance.” – Cosmopolitan
"In a blind smell test among men, Eau Flirt was the clear victor vs a popular, classic Chanel perfume" - CBS Early Show.

Harvey Prince's perfumes are cruelty free and do NOT contain parabens, phthalates, PCBs, BPAs, GMOs, sulfates or other toxic chemicals and are a domestic company with facilities right in MY backyard.
"We design & conceive the inspiration for each fragrance in-house. In addition to our own research & surveys, we regularly work with leading dermatologists, doctors, & scientists on studies regarding certain smells and their effects on women/men. Our master perfumers handcraft each fragrance in our New Jersey facility, right here in the USA."
Retails for $98.00
Click HERE to buy or see below to be one of THREE WINNERS to have their very own 100ml bottle of Eau Flirt. 

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For more info go to their Website and Like them Facebook and Follow their Blog


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