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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dragonfly Organix Degreaser

As stated before, I love my house clean.  I received this amazing degreaser for review from Dragonfly Organix Cleaning Products which are made of premium plant based materials. Safe to use around children and pets. Powerful, effective, and reasonably priced, they are the right choice for your home and garden.

This degreaser,
Removes grease and oil naturally
No petroleum solvents
Cuts through grease and grime in seconds
Non-toxic, biodegradable
Safe to use around children and pets
Great on outdoor grills
Ideal for use on cars, bicycles, fabrics, upholstery, drive

It took no effort to clean the stubborn grease build-up below my burners' covers yuck!! no nasty and dangerous fumes, no grease under my nails nor broken nails and CLEAN!!!
I just sprayed and let sit for a minute then wiped using my Skoy Cloth or papertowels and I was done!

Dragonfly Organix Degreaser   24 oz Case of 6 -  $29.94 @$4.99 each

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  1. Great review thank you for sharing!

  2. I hate when grease goes under your nails. i totally understand

    1. I knoooooooow its not like you're cleaning with your nails.. but it didnt happen here =)

  3. I love natural products, thanks for showing! : )