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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hot Pants: Zaggora

These are the hottest pants EVER!!!!!!!!!
Am not kidding when I say HOT.   You lose weight up to four times faster with Hot Pants.
Zaggora Hot Pants are an innovative product made of neoprene, polyester, nylon and celu-lite technology.  The celu-lite technology is what puts the "hot" into Hot Pants.

Have you ever heard trainers say "if you're sweating you're losing weight" or if you're a gym goer have you seen people working out in sweat-pants and sweat-shirts and wonder "they must be hot" well, there's  a reason for that and Zaggora helps.  What it does is basically, increase your core temperature to make you sweat without the visible effects of sweating.  I hate it when the entire town can see sweat marks especially on pants ughh!  anyway, you can lose more weight wearing these during your work out or simply doing chores around the house.

I took the Zaggora 2 week challenge and received the Viva Hot Pants in hot pink size small.  Shipping was super fast (came from the UK I had it in 3 days) When I first put them on, I thought I had gotten the wrong size =s  that perhaps I needed a medium, but after pulling and shoving they fit.  They were not very flattering around the waist at first but its not like I couldnt breathe and if they claim that am going to lose weight they I should be ok!.   As you may already know, am not a gym goer, am more of an outdoorsy person, so the first time that I wore them was on a hike.  The material its a bit thicker than your regular yoga pants and makes a foam-like sound so I wore them under my yoga pants.  They were very breathable.  At no point I was reminded I had them on and when I took them off.  WOAH!  My legs were drenched in sweat AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Even when am not working out just running around the house like a crazy chicken with chores they still WORK!  Less than two weeks in, they go on comfortably and my waist line is more defined.  Also very easy to wash  (hand wash only with cold water line dry in shade).

Hot pants are now on sale for $79.71 (reg. $80.00).  Click HERE to buy.  Also comes in different colors and styles.  See them HERE

To learn more visit their website and Like them on Facebook

I love burning calories during EVERYDAY stuff and these do exactly what it says it does.
highly recommended.


  1. this is too cool, am the one person in the gym wearing sweaters and drenched in sweat - not attractive.

    1. I understand... These are great!!!!!!! LoL "not attractive"

  2. My daughter would love these pants she is always working out running or walking...They are her favorite color also thanks so sharing this review with us....

    1. AWW YOU'RE WELCOME!! she'll love it!! the color is very vivid. I love it

  3. I've heard of them, they look comfy!

  4. I've been looking for these!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    withthat technology they should have a bodysuit i sooo need it

    1. they do, well they now have a body blazer combined with your hot pants you have a body suit :) check their site