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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Montagne Jeunesse face masks

Montagne Jeunesse started 25 years ago mixing natural ingredients in a kitchen.  They have clearly grown since and have been active participants in eco-friendly efforts such as their "Save the Seal" campaign and "Antarctica".  Their green efforts are good not only for the planet and its being but also for our skin.  I had heard of the brand but never tried it which is surprising being that they are an awesome company with a great natural product.

I was given the opportunity to review some of their face masks and I absolutely love them.  Some are peels some are wash-offs.  All masks worked great, left my skin feeling GREAT!!!! clean, refreshed and renewed.  My favorite was the Strawberry Souffle.  My skin (in my opinion) felt overly hydrated after using.  My least favorite was Passion Peel Off, I personally liked it very much but I tried it on a friend with skin on the sensitive side and her face was very red after use.  Although she felt great and went away quick but still.  So it may not be recommended for sensitive skin.  The others worked fine on her and all were also great on me.

To learn more go to their website.  They also carry products for face care, body and feet and men's among others.  Check them out on Facebook and Twitter as well.


  1. Those sound great, I have to try the washes.

  2. I love these masks. I think my favorite have to be the peel off ones and the chocolate! :D